FABES FROM ‘FINCA EL RIBEIRO’. The most spoiled product of Asturias

Fabes Asturias Producto Asturiano Finca El Ribeiro

One by one, pod by pod: this is how fabes, the identity product of Asturias, are harvested. We visited the ‘Finca El Ribeiro’, in Soto de Luiña, an initiative halfway between a family farm and an emerging company. A kilo of fabes has between 900 and a thousand fabes. More or less, at a gram […]

When you do something productive, you set a good example.

Pegados A La Tierra

EL RIBEIRO FARM. SAN COSME (CUDILLERO) – 105 INHABITANTS Isabel Rubio worked in Switzerland and Dubai earning astronomical salaries and her friends define her as “agropija”, something she laughs about. Today she applies her business experience to a model farm in the Luiñas valley. OCTAVIO VILLA She is a happy person. At the age of […]

I stay in the village

Isa Manzana

Asturian table apples are looking for a place in the market. “We want to produce a good quality apple, trying to recover our own”, explains Isabel Rubio, a young rural entrepreneur with a family farm with blueberries, faba beans and avocados. Ana Paz Paredes, San Cosme (San Martín de Luiña) , Isabel Rubio García-Braga is […]

Highest certified branded production award

fotos premio

On December 16 took place at the Restaurant La Torre in Pruvia, the Gala Awards Ceremony of Asturian Beans PGI and Verdina de Asturias Marca de Garantía, for the 2017-2018; 2018-2019; 2019-2020 harvests. Last December 16 took place in the Restaurant La Torre in Pruvia, the Awards Gala of Asturian Faba Asturiana IGP and Verdina […]